Saturday, November 6, 2010

Red Dead Redemption - Undead Nightmare Review

Zombies! Check. New weapons! Check. A brand new single player campaign! Check! A @#$%ing Unicorn! Check. For 1600 points I picked up the last two expansions I missed out on and the new zombie infested Undead Nightmare expansion for the phenomenal western epic Red Dead Redemption and let me tell you I was not disappointed. One of the best video game times I have had all year!

Rockstar Games managed to outdo themselves and create the best game add-on I have had the pleasure of spending my vast amounts of money on. It did a fantastic job meshing the characters and world you already got to know from Red Dead Redemption into a zombie wonderland. Zombies are the current craze right now. You can't turn your head without seeing the undead on some form of entertainment. Can you really blame the movies and television for overusing them?! They have more personality and acting skills than the whole cast of Grey's Anatomy and most are better looking.   

The game picks up right after John Marston gets his family back and now seemingly has them torn away again by a mysterious plague! You being the badass you are, go to town to see what is happening which leads you in to battle with a town overrun with the undead! These zombies will run at you and everything you originally learned about using cover and taking out enemies is down the shitter! From there you make your way across the countryside cleansing the old west of zombie filth while kicking ass and chewing bubblegum, and your all outta bubblegum! 

I have easily put in at least 12 hours so far on the new campaign. Between the main plot, zombie cleansing  mission in every town, graveyard clean-up, new horses to find, and side missions you will find yourself always busy. All the little touches to characters you previously met are great and will make you chuckle. Especially Seth and his creepy-ass shit! I personally think this little "alternate-reality" story is one of my favorite gaming experiences this year and Rockstar Games really put a lot of work into making a truly amazing western zombie killing epic! Well the only Western zombie video game I known of.

This expansion is better and longer than a slew of full priced games I have gotten this year. Do yourself a favor and pick Red Dead Redemption and the this expansion you won't go wrong. 

What did you guys think of the expansion? I can never get enough zombies in my life. Hugs!