Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Holidays is for terrorists. Merry Christmas -Jack and Avery

Normally, I use my blogs to discuss what really matters in the world, entertainment, but today I have been feeling the dampening effects of the holiday season and wanted to bitch about such. But now that I think about it, it does relate to good old television. Cornerstone of every parents raising of a child.

Holidays for the most part have sucked for me. Not that I dislike them. Sadly the last nine years really put the kibosh on the true meaning of them. People mostly with their idiot opinions and inability to take a joke has set me off today. Lets get to my complaining.

On my Facebook, I wrote what Jack Donaghy's X-Mas cards said on last nights episode of 30 Rock, which was "Happy Holidays is what terrorists say. Merry Christmas -Jack and Avery. Of course some people decided what I wrote was offensive and started bitching.

First off, you don't watch 30 Rock, one of the best comedies ever, so burn in the fire pit of hell reserved for bad television watching decisions. It'll be easy for you to locate its right between rape and giving aids to newborn babies.

Changing my humor would take an act of God. As in he would have to strike me down dead.

Everything I say is always in good nature and well it may not always be tasteful and politically correct its always a joke. I don't wish to have a debate on Facebook or have a discussion with people its why I post things on my Facebook. Humor is like a hand grenade, you throw it into a crowd and someone is going to get hurt.

Christmas, the holiday that is suppose to bring people together but instead just further proves how horribly different we all are as people and gives us a reason to further hate each other. Being a religious holiday its not for everyone. Everyone has their own traditions and I say to each his own. I don't give a @#$% what you do.

I grew up celebrating Christmas and was always so excited about its coming, but as I grew up the tradition started to further itself from me. My work destroyed every holiday I held near and sapped my ability to enjoy any of the childhood traditions instilled in me. Slowly now I am finally getting myself back and realizing that life ain't too bad. Even though I'm going through some nasty @#$% right now I wouldn't trade it all for the  world.

Anyhoo, Happy Holidays people! Have a great whatever it is you celebrate or don't celebrate and try to be good to people even though we are all bad and horrible is in our nature.

And start watching 30 Rock and learn to laugh. It feels good. Hugs.