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Glee, Season 2, Episode 2, "Britney/Brittany" Review

If you could not tell by the name of the episode, it is about and features the music of two of my favorite Britney/Brittany's. I love Heather Morris's character Brittany Susan Pierce! I believe I have stated this before. She makes me laugh every episode and has most of the best lines on the show. I am just a tad bit biased. I was a bit worried that too much Brittany may cause her to be annoying, but after watching the episode I think I could watch a spin-off of just her. Well, that may be overkill.

This episode is of course revolving around the wonderful pop artist, Britney Spears, much like last season's Madonna themed show. The episode does not disappoint at all! Glee teacher Will Schuester begins class wanting the group to learn about the music of Christopher Guess. The kids have become bored with his horrible music choices and want to do a song by Britney Spears for their homecoming assembly. Will hates Spears music and wants nothing to do with it. Both on the show and in real life.

The show also features the return of Emma Pillsbury, Will's love interest who was missing in the season premiere. As rumored last season she has brought along with her, her new boyfriend, dentist Dr. Carl Howell, played by John Stamos. Carl and Will meet and as boys do, act friendly to one another, ending with Dr. Howell being invited to talk about good dental health care with the Glee Club.

Dr. Howell brings along some dental plaque test strips that show how clean your teeth are by showing a blue tint on one's teeth and some people have not been taking care of their chompers. Especially Brittany who "uses soda to rinse her teeth after every meal." So begins the students stopping one by one at Dr. Howell's office.

Brittany is the first to go under with a record breaking amount of work needing done, and just before she falls asleep from the anesthesia, Britney Spears comes on Pandora. Brittany performs "I'm a Slave 4 U". The next day she returns with Santana and performs a duet of "Me Against The Music, Featuring Madonna". After her Spears induced hallucinations, Brittany starts to take charge of herself and become more assertive. Claiming some pretty funny things.

Rachel and Artie also go in to the dentist and have some crazy Spears dreams. Rachel performing "Hit Me Baby One More Time", which sadly I can still sing word for word and Artie, "Stronger". Both of them feel empowered and start doing what they want.

Rachel ends up dressing more provocatively, which means the Britney schoolgirl outfit look of course. That causes blogger and jerkbag, Jacob Ben Israel getting caught by Sue Sylvester masturbating to a picture of Rachel in school. Sue informs Will that Britney Spears and her music can lead to nothing but trouble and that he and the Glee clubbers best not be singing her tunes. Which of course gives Will the idea to do so.

Artie asks Coach Beiste to be on the football team again and she accepts both him and Finn. Artie as a human battering ram! It doesn't say you can't in the rules. Don't ask me, I got nothing, I am just going to sit back and watch whatever comes out of this.

Rachel goes back to her plain jane, whiny self about ten minutes later in the episode. Rachel not liking the both of them not being outcasts sets Finn up to test his loyalty by having Quinn ask him out. Finn declines Quinn's advances, passing Rachel's test. Only time poor Quinn gets to do anything all episode. She needs to find her place now that all this baby nonsense is over.

Will decides to perform "Toxic" with the Glee Club at the McKinley High homecoming assembly and we find out that apparently Britney's music can cause a sex riot! Mr. Jacob Ben Israel accidental in a crazed lust grabs a fellow male student's buttocks and starts a brawl. Sue seeing the chaos happening about her, pulls the fire alarm in the auditorium causing a stampede. A mess that ends up with her in a neck brace and threatening to sue Will for everything he owns.

Rachel ends the episode singing "The Only Exception" by Paramore dedicated to her boyfriend, Finn as an apology. How sweet? If not for the fact she doesn't trust him and I am sure this is not going to be the last time she tests him. I have become quite the Rachel basher. Love you Lea Michele!

This episodes was one of the best! It was even more witty and fun than normal. I thank Ms. Heather Morris/ Brittany for that. So far the season is going along well. I think they need to start working into longer lasting story lines soon. Other than that I am fine with the amount of humor and pacing so far. I have certain characters I like and some that annoy the living piss out of me and that is the way all shows should be. If you don't care about a character whether love or hate, it means the writers are not doing their job and you should just quit watching.

My one complaint is I wish when certain things happen in the show, for example Finn getting kicked off the football team, that the storyline would last more then one or two episodes. Sometimes the quick wrap up to problems and story lines annoys the hell outta of me. Makes it feel like it all happened for no reason at all.


Zombies Marching Into Your Black-Op!

If you were a fan of cutting down Nazi zombies in Call of Duty: World At War, prepare to get super excited about this news. Treyarch, developer of Call of Duty: World at War and the newest Call of Duty: Black-Ops has confirmed that everyone's favorite undead, brain eating, killing machines will be making an appearance in Black-Ops.

G4TV has confirmed that Treyarch will bring a slew of brand new zombie experiences to us the fans.

I enjoyed killing Nazi zombies in World at War. It was a change of pace from the boring multiplayer routine found in all COD's. I actual play most Call of Duty games for single player, finding myself to get bored of multiplayer about twenty five hours in when all my friends quit playing. You can only play the same boring, not destroyable map so many times. And I don't find a game fun to play camping in a corner.

What kinda zombies do you think we will be facing this time out since Black-Ops looks to span time? Everyone wins when zombies are involved!  

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Trent Reznor, TV Series Based On "Year Zero" Record

Hero Complex reports that Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, the greatest band of all time, has stated that BBC Worldwide and HBO are moving forward with "Year Zero" a sci-fi television series based on the NIN album of the same name. It is currently in the pre-production phase and being written and such which means its a long ways off. But still excites me greatly!

Reznor is currently working with Producer Lawrence Bender, who's credits include "Reservoir Dogs", "Pulp Fiction", and "Inglourious Bastards" and Kevin Kelly Brown, Executive Producer of "Roswell". I do enjoy Snapple. Also heading up the writing duties is Daniel Knauf, writer of HBO's Carnivale.

With all the viral marketing that was put out for that record and that "Year Zero" the album was telling a story musical I guess that makes sense to turn it into a show. But how about a "Broken" movie? Or you could at least put "Closure" on DVD! Love you, Trent! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Future "Flash" Movie Could Have Darker Tones released an interview claiming that co-writer Greg Berlanti, and his Green Lantern collaborators, Michael Green, and Marc Guggenheim may take the upcoming Warner Bros film, Flash in a darker direction. In movie terms a much more Se7en and Silence of the Lambs sort of feel. Check out the interview.

I don't know exactly how I feel about that happening. I guess in my head I always pictured Wally West being the  Flash in the movie version of things. But that was because Barry Allen was dead. Does the world need more darker toned comic movies? Or can just maybe once somebody should make a fun comic book movie that doesn't make me ill?

Comic book movies for some reason seem to be a difficult thing to write and make up to the standards of the comic universe that it is based upon. Most of the dialog and stories are already written for them, so how do these things get so screwed up? Do they overthink it? Try to make it realistic? Which they are not based on realistic events for the most part.

I think one problem is that they believe they have to cater to everyone. And "everyone" which is most of the nation that needs their hands held and for the movie to be explained to them in clear, simple English. And now that the Dark Knight was such a success does DC believe that is the movie model they should follow for every film? Is Superman going to be brooding and writing about how mean Lex is in his diary?

Wow! What a lot of questions! Personally, I think a darker-toned Flash movie could work and it could be awesome, but that all depends on how its directed and written. A lot of hands are in the cookie jar when it comes to movies being made, and some of those hands just need to be cut off.

What are your thoughts? Barry or Wally? CSIsh tones?

Monday, September 27, 2010

World of Darkness MMO on the way!

It has been a very long time since the last game based on White Wolf RPG, World of Darkness, so nothing excites me more than the news I read today! Ardwulf's Lair, reports that the makers of MMO, EVE Online, are currently working on a new MMO based on the World of Darkness!

From the looks of the video and information on the site, it's looking as it will deal more with the Vampire: The Masquerade or Vampire: The Requiem sides of the spectrum of the universe. CCP the developer of the upcoming game says the game will deal with " player politics and social interactions" which fits in perfect with the way the actually RPG plays. I can't wait to start my own secret vampire war and engage in political spats with other players!

Sad news, it won't be out until at least 2012. Sadly I haven't played any RPGs in years as a lack of interested and geeky enough people exists in my area. So sits my thousands of dollars in Vampire: TM books and my ridiculous amount of vampire knowledge. It will be great to finally be able to play some form of Vampire again even if it is online. Check out the video on the site above and get excited fellow White Wolf fans!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Comic Review: Morning Glories #1 - Image Comics

Morning Glories #1
Image Comics - Shadowline Productions
Writer: Nick Spencer
Art: Joe Eisma
Colors: Alex Sollazzo
Lettering: Johnny Lowe
Design: Tim Daniel
Cover: Rodin Esquejo

This is my first comic book review and for such I decided I'd begin with a comic that is new and not in the middle of a ridiculous crossover of some sort. And with that I choose Morning Glories from Image Comics. I won't lie but when I saw the solicitation for Morning Glories # 1 in the my Preview Guide, I saw girls in schoolgirls outfits on the cover and was sold. So sue me, I'm very easy to sell stuff too. Of course I forgot to put it on my pull list but managed to grab a second print.

Morning Glories starts out in the prestigious Morning Glory Academy and the attempted escape of two of its students. I don't want to spoil things so I'll leave the outcome of said students to your future reading of this comic. Lets just say its not good and leaves you wondering what the hell kinda shady things go on in this facility. I gotta leave some mysteries for you!

After this we meet each of the six main character, getting to know a little about them and there lives and personalities. Casey, a cute blonde with a loving family. Ike, a spoiled rich kid and his mother who doesn't agree with some of the sick things he has done. Zoe, nicest word I can think of, slut, saying goodbye to her five different boyfriends. Hunter, a nice kid saying bye to his stepbrother. Jane or Jade as she now goes by with her emo-ness, her brother and father seem almost scared of her and her differentness. And finally Jun Fukayama from Tokyo who has a lot of questions and finds his ride to the academy just a bit "sleepy".

When Casey arrives at the school she meets the Miss Daramount, the Faculty Liaison, who takes her to meet the rest of her new classmates. They are all watching a welcome video with Miss Dagney, the Residence Director. A welcome video that apparently Tyler Durgen got a hold of. Everyone who works at this academy seems to be up to something, just something is not right the more you read on. The teachers and students all seem to be whacked out and sinister in someway.

Each character comes from a different background and has different personalities but all have something linking them together. You find one of those things, but what does it all mean?! You get a sense that something very evil is happening at this so called "Academy" and that these kids are in a load of trouble.

By the end of the issue you will want to know what happens next that is for sure! Luckily I have issue two sitting right next to me. There is a lot of info to take in and a lot of mysteries started that I now need to know the answers too. Nick Spencer's writing is an enjoyable of pace and Joe Eisma's artwork is excellent and both mesh well together. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a well written new series that is engrossing and a fun read full of mysteries and excitement. I'm hooked!

This is yet more proof that there are good comics are out there that don't involve just superheroes. Give it a try you will enjoy! And any folks who know me, I go to Books Galore in Erie at least a couple times a month, I can always get you copies! Just ask  :)  

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Spider Man: Shattered Dimensions Review

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is by far the best Spider-Man game I have played in years. It perfectly captures the heart of the Spider-Man comics and translates it to game form. You star not only as Spider-Man, but four different Spider-Men! This game managed to create essentially four different Spider-Man games that are all awesome on their own. 

You play as the Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Man Noir, and Ultimate Spider-Man (Black Suit). Mysterio well robbing a museum breaks an ancient tablet, the tablet gets scattered through out the Marvel multiverse. Madam Web enlists the Spider-Man of each dimension to help recovery the fragments which have ended up in the hands of a assortment of different Spider-Man Villains. 

The games graphics are done in a cartoony cell shade effect that really works well with the game. 

Each level and Spider-Man has its own unique flavor and style. Each level has a boss who has gotten hold of the fragment which you need to defeat. The powers of each villain have been greatly increased and leads to some unique and fun boss fights. The banter from the Spider-Men is hilarious and will amuse you greatly. The Deadpool level is by far my favorite. In the Ultimate Universe, Deadpool is a reality show host who never shuts up. Its great!

The only factor I can see some people not liking is that it is not an open world Spider-Man game. No swinging around New York City. You pretty much have a set path and challenges. I personally don't care either way. Sometimes I don't like getting sidetracked in an adventure!

The Amazing Spider Man levels are the normal Spidey levels you would expect in any Spider-Man game. Spider-Man Noir is a black and white world filled with gangsters and stealth taking part in most of the levels. Spider Man 2099 is a bright colorful world that is filled with giant corporations and he has the ability to slow down time. And Ultimate Spider-Man is just like the Amazing levels but you have the black Venom suit and a rage power making you stronger for a period of time.  

Throughout the levels you collect hidden Spidey emblems and hidden Golden Spiders that give you points to spend on new abilites and character upgrades. Fighting moves and character upgrades are shared by all four Spider-Man. Except ones that are for specific Spideys. Each level has a set of challenges that grant extra points and gives you something extra to shoot for. There are also special Spider-Man suits to open that are fun to collect.

The last couple of Spider-Man games have not been the greatest of games so it is such a nice change of pace to enjoy this one so much. Not only did they make one awesome Spider-Man game they managed to make four Spider-Man games in one. As a lover of comic books it was quite a pleasant surprise that this game turns out so well. Their are some issues with the controls from time to time and the game is not very long, clocking in at about 15 hours on hard mode. But even after I was finished I still found myself going back and collecting what I missed my first time through. I highly recommend this game to any Spider-Man or Marvel Comics fan and anyone looking for a fun time.   

I played through the X Box 360 version in case you were wondering.

The Big Bang Theory, Season 4, "The Robotic Manipulation"

Last season of The Big Bang Theory left us in a coffee shop as Sheldon Cooper met his perfect online dating match, Amy Farrah Fowler, played perfectly by real life Neuroscience major Mayim Bialik. Who of course to all us hipsters of the 90s played Blossom on the show of the same name in the early 90s. 

The Season 4 Premiere picks up with the gang watching as Howard uses a robotic arm he stoled to distribute their Chinese dinner. Penny arrives and we find out four months have pasted and Penny knows just about as much as we do. Since that coffee shop visit, Sheldon is now "dating" Amy Fowler, via texts and the world wide web. But just in case the idea of Sheldon dating is not frighting enough, Amy and him are also in discussions to have a baby. Or I am sorry not a baby, but Earth's First Overlord. 

Penny suggests that maybe Sheldon should actually hang out with Amy outside of the virtual realm and get to know her better before they decide to procreate and so Sheldon takes that advice. Not having a vehicle, Sheldon brings Penny and her car along for his first date ever, besides his square dancing with his sister at a Christian square dance when he was a teenager in Texas, which he finds is not considered a date. Amy and Sheldon play off each other so well, for the most part they are almost the same character, besides on being a chick. Even though a lot jokes are changed slightly and recycled on this show, I still find it hilarious. 

Meanwhile, Howard took his stolen robo arm home, where he has it giving him back massages. But if a robot arm can give human feeling massages, why couldn't it do other things for a male man?! An with that Howard got his robotic arm stuck to his penis, or I guess stuck holding his penis. When he was getting the massage, before the camera panned in, I assumed that was what was going on before we see him getting a back back massage. Howard in a state of robotic penis death grip induced pain calls Rajesh and Leonard to come and help him with his situation. And so starts the robot masturbation jokes. Rajesh and Leonard before that were sorting comic books at the apartment, and Rajesh was wondering where Aquaman poops in Atlantis. Which now I can't quit thinking about it, where does Aquaman poop in Atlantis, Geoff Johns? I need answers!

Amy, Penny and Sheldon arrive at the resturant. Penny hating the silence tries to start a conversation between Sheldon and Amy and begins a discussion of Penny's sexual life, including Sheldon's mathematical answers for the number of Penny's past partners. When Penny and Sheldon return home from the evening, Sheldon is very happy he has gotten to see a whole new side to Amy. Still wishing to continue his plan to procreate with her, Penny threatens to tell Sheldon's crazed born again Christian mother and puts those current plans to an end, for now. I personally think it would be very humorous for Sheldon to have a kid or even kids. It would change the show's dynamic and give something else to write jokes about.

Leonard and Rajesh help Howard carry the robotic arm to the hospital, where the nurse secretary goes on to embarrass him because of his predicament and finally frees him by shutting the computer off. Those silly geeks over thinking situations. The very end of the episode ends with Leonard getting a phone call and Howard on the other line telling him he is stuck again. I don't know but if I get a robot arm stuck to my penis and it hurts bad enough I am not going to do it again.

Overall the episode was enjoyable, but didn't feel like a season premiere to me. It was in no way bad or terrible, just average. I just tend to get excited about my favorite shows returning and I guess kinda felt let down. It was just like every other episode and that is not a good thing on a night full of excellent comedies. There were some funny laugh out loud moments this episode but it all just seemed familiar.

Sheldon is my favorite character, but every episode has become so Sheldoncenric that the other characters don't seem to get their fair share of stories or screen time. Sitcoms have a tendency to grow stale without change, and change is hard to make happen when every episode is just the same jokes told differently with no plot changing effects. 

Big Bang was the first show I watched last night and almost every show I watched after Big Bang made me laugh more. I was crying during Community. I personally think they should just move The Big Bang Theory back to Mondays away from all this competition or am going to have to save it on my DVR till Mondays so it doesn't get dwarfed by funnier shows.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Glee Season 2, Episode 1, "Audition" Overview / Review

So the day has come! Glee has returned and all is right with the world again!

The first episode of Season Two, titled Audition, opens with Jacob Ben Israel and his Glee's Big Gay Summer video blog, recapping the summers of McKinley High's Glee Club. Between his bashing of the Will's past song choices and opinions of members of the Glee Club, we find lots has changed since this past summer.

 Rachel and Finn are back together, Puck spent his summer pool cleaning money on a vasectomy as it is better for the world, Santana got a boob job, Brittany spent the summer lost in the sewers and Mike Chang and Tina apparently hooked well working as counselors at Asian Camp. Yes, a camp where Asian children are taught to operate electronics. The kids of the Glee club had a very busy summer indeed.

 As like the year before, no one seems to want to join the glee club. That is not the only problem facing the Glee Club this year, Prinicpal Figgins has cut both the Cheerios and the Glee clubs budgets to strengthen their ailing football team. A football team that has a new female head coach, Shannon Beiste.

Sue doesn't take kindly to the loss of two of her confetti cannons and talks Will into helping get rid of Ms. Beiste. The episode finds them playing pranks and just being mean to the point of making the new coach cry.
You really start to feel bad for her if you have ever found yourself on the end of being harassed.

Finally in the end Will realize how childish and mean he was being and can't go on with Sue's plan when she steps over the line. The line, Sue getting Brittney to say Beiste touched her breasts. Will gets Brittney to admit she was lying and eventually makes apology to Beiste. This of course doesn't sit well with Sue and the battle with her and Will begins again.

After a disappointing loss at Regionals at the end of Season One the Glee club decides that it needs to beef up its lineup to win this year and Rachel so she has more background singers. With sign up sheets not working, the kids decide to go out and show the students of McKinley High, how cool it is to burst into random song. First song of the show is Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, "Empire State of Mind". While singing Finn and Rachel notice that two new students seem to be interested in their singing and dancing.

Finn well hanging up Glee signup sheets in the gym locker room stumbles upon one of said students singing in the shower. Transfer student, Sam Evans is singing Poison's, "Every Rose Has Its Thorn". Meanwhile, Rachel runs into exchange student, Sunshine Corazon in the bathroom and tells her she should come join Glee. Sunshine agrees, afterward she starts singing Lady Gaga's "Telephone" and so starts the duet with Rachel. Sue comes and breaks up the singing and Rachel leaves terrified of this girls amazing voice. Finn asks Sam to come sing with the guys in the club and sings "Billionarie" by Travie McCoy and convinces him to come tryout also. It worries me adding two more singers when some of the current club doesn't get enough screen time as it is.

Artie heartbroken over his breakup with Tina convinces Finn to help him get on the football team so he can get abs, as, a battering ram. As you can imagine this doesn't go well and Finn ends up getting kicked off the football team. Meanwhile, Quinn decides to go take back her throne as head of the Cheerios cheerleadering squad. After ratting out Santana's boob job to Sue, she succeeds and ends up in a cat fight with Santana in the hall. That is two more Glee members at each others throats now. Will Quinn revert to her evil self from the beginning of the series or will she remember all of her life lessons she has learned?

Neither Sunshine or Sam ends up showing up for Glee Club auditions. Sunshine ends up at a crackhouse because of the directions to tryouts given to her by a certain Rachel Berry. Sam on the other hand had football tryouts and is now the new quarterback replacing Finn. Finn finds out when he confronts him to find why he missed the audition. I can't imagine when Sam does finally join the Glee Club that is going to go over well. Rachel after being guilt-ed into apologizing asks Sunshine to come sing a song for the club, which very well may not work in her best interests. Sunshine sings "Listen" from the musical, Dreamgirls and rocks the house. Rachel has another enemy now coming to steal her crown as star of the Glee Club.

But as the world of Glee tends to be, nothing works out simply. Sunshine ends up being recruited or I guess bribed to join rivals, Vocal Adrenaline head by new coach, Dustin Goolsby. Once again all Rachel's fault.

Rachel seems even eviler than before. She is a person who has no problem running over anyone she deems below her. Which is everyone. I never trust Rachel. She never learns from any of her mistakes from hurting her friends. The episode ends with Rachel singing, from the Broadway musical The Chorus Line, "Kiss The Day Goodbye", and throwing a pity party for herself, as a montage of the episodes events climaxes plays. She really thinks the world revolves around her. Hopefully she learns something and it sticks this season.

All in all, this episode was everything I expected from the season premiere. Everything seemed much better paced than last seasons second half. The humor and silly plot twists are where they should be. Brittany is still my favorite character and has the best lines on the show. Some characters were missing out completely from the first episode but I'm fine with that. With the sheer amount of drama and clashing of characters, it was fine without them. Hopefully they find a way to give everyone their time to shine. The groundwork has been laid for a great second season and I can't wait for next weeks episode. Let the singing begin!  


AMC The Walking Dead Poster

AMC's zombie apocalypse television event, The Walking Dead, based on an Image Comics property of the same name is making its slow zombie crawl to us. This awesome poster shows just how great its going to be! The Walking Dead will be premiering on October 31st, 2010 on AMC at 10 PM EST. The premiere will be 90 minutes long and if anything like the comic book, Fantastical! What an excellent Halloween treat!

For more information on The Walking Dead check out AMC The Walking Dead and for info on the source material the show is based on head over to Image Comics. Plenty of other excellent comics to check out on Image's website well your there. Not just Marvel and DC out there folks.

Prepare yourself for TV zombie awesomeness!

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Big Bang Theory Preview

One of my favorite sitcoms of all time is returning this Thursday, September 23rd, Big Bang Theory. I have spent the last year slowly converting over everyone I have to deal with into fans of this terrific show. When looking back it really wasn't too hard as the show is fantastical. It has everything I need in a show, mainly a geeky premise with plenty of jokes catering to me and is actually funny even to people I know who don't get all the geeky humor. Let me begin with the Big Bang down low.

Apparently the season premiere is going to be picking up months after the ending of season three finale, which found Howard and Rajesh playing with a dating site and hooking Sheldon up with his perfect match. Sheldon dating has to be one of the scariest situation I can think of or funniest. Sheldon and his female equal Amy Farrah Fowler, Mayim Bialik, from Blossom, will continue their interesting relationship, if you can call it that. Amy will be having feelings for Sheldon later in the season and hilarity shall commence.

Leonard and Penny are still broken up for now. Which is fine, cause Penny was completely in the wrong. After re-watching that episode I really didn't understand what happened. They had been together for plenty of time and she was the one who said Leonard's name on a date. Unless maybe the evil powers of Wil Wheaton destroyed their relationship, maybe that is what happened. Howard's ex-girlfriend Bernadette who just disappeared last season without any really reason will be returning. I assume she wanted to be on True Blood.

Guest stars this season will include Sheldon's archenemy Wil Wheaton. Mr. Wheaton cracks me up on Big Bang and The Guild. If you haven't checked out the Guild, do it, its free. I enjoy that he plays parody of himself on Big Bang as I hated Wesley Crusher so much on Next Generation. God I hated him. George Takei of Star Trek fame will be playing the one half of Howard's conscience opposite of Katee Sackhoff of BSG, or for the non-nerd Battlestar Galactica. Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak will also show up as himself in episode two. Stan Lee will also be returning.

Kaley Cuoco, Penny, will be missing a slew of episode this coming season as a horseback riding accident broke  her leg. Guess its better to write her out then write her in with a broken leg. How lame would that be?

The biggest change of this season is the moving to Thursday nights. Oh, Big Bang Theory why must you move to same time as Community on Thursday nights?! I love you both equally, but why must you make me choose? Guess I don't really have to choose as I have a DVR. Just have to choose which one to watch first.  It was fine on Monday nights. What else is there to watch on Monday nights? I'd commit suicide rather than try to watch another episode of Two and a Half Men. No offense to said show, just could not get into it, probably that fat kid. Same with How I Met Your Mother. I like most of the actors in both shows something is just not doing it for me.

Well that is all I know, looks like its gonna be a good season and great fun. Like it would turn out any other way. If you aren't already watching Big Bang Theory check it out this Thursday.
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Halo: Reach Review/Impressions

So like every other cool person I headed to my local Best Buy, local meaning an hour away, to purchase Halo: Reach on Tuesday, September 19th! I had pre-ordered the Standard edition and somehow convinced myself that having a flaming head would be a good idea and a giant statue would look awesome on my computer desk before I left said store. And you know what I was right, hehe. I had managed to stay away from all the buzz and entered into Reach with a sense of wonderment. Not very often I get to do that.

First off let me tell you of personal Halo service record so you don't think I am some Halo virgin. I never played the original Halo. Blasphemy! But at that point in my life I was still playing first person shooters on computer, yes a computer, the thing they used to make quality games for. I heard it was awesome I just never got to it. But when Halo 2 arrived I could not escape its wrath. I was sold along before it arrived and couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I actually stoled someone elses Limited Edition pre-order at the Wal-Mart I worked at. Teach him for shopping there. Part three and ODST I was at the midnight releases and played till I had to work at 7 in the AM. I have my shiny limited editions of 2 and 3, as well as ODST proudly displayed on my shelves. And even though some people didn't care for ODST and Halo Wars, I loved both of them. Of course I play ever single kind of video game type. RTS is kinda a niche fan base. And some people don't like to have to put in an effort to stay alive and kill things as in ODST. So I guess I have been playing Halo for awhile now.

So the Legendary Edition of Halo: Reach is @#$%ing awesome. I am really glad that is the one I decided upon. I would have been disappointed I didn't if I saw someone else's later on. It comes in a huge box shaped like a crate from the Halo games. It is huge! Not sure wear I am gonna put this box. Inside you find your small black box which when opened has your black cased copy of Reach, which has your codes for your flaming helmet, in-game Recon helmet, and avatar award, which is a X-Box Reach controller and Falcon gunship to fly around your head. My Avatar is very happy with it. Also in the black box is a journal with all sorts of neat Reach info in it. I haven't opened mine, I can't bring myself to open it. The awesomest thing in the Legendary box?! The giant statue of Noble Team made by McFarlane Toys! Each member of Noble Team is on display, so much better than that dumb helmet you couldn't even put on your dome that came with part three. It's pretty fraking awesome! My only complaint about my flaming head is sometimes I can't tell if my vehicle is on fire and going to explode, kinda funny. Other than that I am glad my head is on fire.

When you first turn on the game you will be asked to customize you Spartan warrior. Male or Female. A spectrum of colors. Credit system is a way to purchase new pieces of armor to customize yourself. You earn credits for all game types. Also extra credits can be gained through Commendations, daily challenges and weekly challenges. This is the character you will be using throughout your whole game experience, even Campaign. You can customize everything just the way you want it. Your rank will also be carried over into all game types and even though you are trying to beat the Campaign you will still be earning points toward rank and gear, which personally I love. So that is nice compared to whatever rank nonsense was going on in Halo 3 Multi-Player. All these little changes make it feel like the character is your own personal extension of yourself.

When you first start playing the game it feels different, but those little changes just make it a better gaming experience, even though there is change the game itself feels familiar to veteran fans. The Spartans seem to be moving much faster, thank god. Last games felt like I was moving in molasses and was reason some people preferred games such as Battlefield (A fave of mine) and COD. I just assumed Master Chief knew how badass he was and just strolled along. Items found in Halo 3 Multi-Player such as power shields, camouflage, force fields and such have been done away with, thank god, and replaced with five classes you can choose from at the start of a Multi-Player match and items you can find in Campaign. And for those who don't like them you can play Classic games so they can keep it nice and simple for them.

The five new classes are Jump Packs, Sprint, Camouflage, Hologram, and Drop Shield. Jump Packs allow you to fly over the battlefield raining your rocket volleys from the air now! Sprint lets you finally run, honestly Spartans should have been running before. Drop Shield lets your character ball up on the ground with a shield protecting them from all harm and some other nasty uses. Camouflage lets you become invisible, as long as you aren't moving fast. And Hologram shoots out a hologram version of yourself to fool players out of hiding, it is really neat. Each ability has a meter found on the left of the  menu that tells you how long it lasts and when it runs out you have to wait for it to replenish. A old system finally done right.       

Campaign is fun, even knowing you are all going to die, spoiler! Four player co-op has also been included online and co-op two player on single machine. In past Halo's you knew Master Chief was not going to pass away and the story was not always making much sense. In Reach you play Noble 6, replacing a dead member of Noble Team and filling out their team. You and your fellow Spartans end up in a fight to the death with a invading Covenant fleet. This game proves that you don't need Master Chief to make a Halo game. I love Noble team. Sadly as push on in game you start to realize how hopeless your situation is. Every time you think you put a dent into the Covenant's forces, you find you just accomplished nothing. You find yourself fighting along side members of Noble through out the game and get to fight with them to their glorious end. On Legendary by yourself prepare for a fun fight. And beware the Fuel Rod Cannons and Plasma Grenade Launchers, they will make you cry. And, yeah I said a gun that shoots stickies! Sigh.

I was reading a couple other people's reviews and read that single player is only 6 hours long. Well I guess have to tell them maybe you should play games on a harder difficulty than normal. I haven't played a game on normal in ten years you @#$$y. I hate people complaining a game is too easy. Everything is easy on default settings. All games have been dumbed down for the current generations of horribly bred children and mainstream public. Our current hard or insane is my old normal mode. I hate that reviewers are all whiny little @#$%^s, me included. :) Rant concluded.

Multi-Player is the same awesome Halo multi-player experience from Halo 3, except better. Whether Slayer, Capture the Flag, or Firefight, there are so many choices to play. Grabbing your party and jumping into a game has never been so easy. When it comes to random maps and games coming up, players now get to vote between three different options, most popular winning out. You can create your own game types, and every freaking option that comes with it. You hate @#$%s betraying people deduct 5 points for it, want all rockets with infinite ammo, want to put spawn points in stupidest places, everything is in your power. The Forge has been simplified and is much easier to use. Posting videos of your games, campaign or multi-player, is super easy and simple and now you watch me suck anytime you want. Even though there are currently not a lot of map choices, you would never notice it. With so many game types you will never get bored. And new multi-player maps will be on the way in no time I am sure.

For those that love your X Box Avatar such as I do, five Noble team helmets are unlockable through the silly accomplishments. I personally like the ability to open new avatar gear and like to change my look every week. To each his own.

Overall this game is amazing! Its is everything Halo has been and what it could be. New Campaign, new guns, new maps and the ultimate multi-player experience. Even my friends who are not into Halo have purchased it and are loving it. Every little thing that may have annoyed you about Halo in the past has probably been changed or fixed. It makes me proud to own my X Box and I give this game my highest praise. Thank you Microsoft and Bungie for taking Bungie's Halo legacy out on such an outstanding note. As always just my opinion, feel free to have your own.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fox's Glee Season 2 Preview and Spoilers!!!

Yes, folks that wonderful time of year is almost upon us, Fall Television Super Happy Fun Time! And with that a slew of awesome new television programming to fill our short lifespans on this Earth and make us better at useless TV trivia. One of my favorite shows of last season, Glee is finally back on September 21! If for some reason you had a lack in good television programming choosings last year, Glee, Season One was just released on Tuesday so go snatch it up and marathon it up before this coming Tuesday! And yes, I am a Gleek and proud of it! People who know me would not be surprised. Now let my slew of info fry your Gleek loving world!

Before I forget, I was at the movies this evening to watch The Town and caught a funny commercial starring my favorite Sue! It was too funny! I don't want to ruin it so go check it out at AE Members Project. And yes Mommy, you are my favorite real life Sue. Also, apparently Sue Sylvester will be writing her memoirs and doing an actually book tour! Yeah, really! I am so freaking there!

With a new season of Glee comes a whole host of new faces. John Stamos, yes of Full House fame will be appearing as Emma's dentist boyfriend starting in episode duce. He will be the cause of the Brittney Spears shenanigan, what a bad dentist! Singer Charice Pempengco will be giving Rachel a run for her money as the new foregin exchange student Sunshine. Javier Bardem will be appearing as a mystery person, or maybe a killer in a whole outfit made of blue jeans. Susan Boyle will appear in the Christmas episode. Carol Burnett will play Sue Sylvester's Nazi hunting mom! How freaking funny is that? I really can't wait for that. Cheyenne Jackson of Broadway and for me 30 Rock, will be the new coach of Vocal Adrenaline with the leaving of Rachel's Mom. Wow, that's not even all the guest stars, gonna be ridiculous!

First off my favorite character is getting her own episode and a bigger part in the Glee Universe, Ms. Heather Morris who plays cheerleader Brittany! Congrats to her! Hopefully she will be dishing out her wonderfully wisdom all season long. Mike Chang, played by Harry Shum Jr. will also have a increased role in the show. For those who don't know Mr. Chang, he was the break dancing Asian kid in Glee club and on the football team who nobody knew his name.  

Rachel and Finn will be getting back together in season 2, which I guess was eventually going to happen again. I personally don't have a care which way. Rachel can be too much of a drama queen. And I'm not quite sure if Finn is supposed to be a dumb jock or what. Sperm swimming in a hot tub can get girls pregnant? Come on! I just hope the show is a little more solid with romances than it was in the second half of the first season. I felt like characters were left out, storylines were rushed, it started to border on ridiculous. Some were just plan forgotten. Sorry, Rant!

Quinn will be returning to the Cheerios, which means no baby nonsense, at least not yet. Puck has lost his magic mohawk powers. Kurt will be getting a boyfriend at some point. Hopefully everyone gets there fair share of screen time.

So apparently Sue Sylvester will have a new enemy besides Glee teacher Will. Dot Marie Jones will be joining the cast as McKinley High's new female football coach. Will Sue have a enough "bitch" to fight them both?! Probably! I love Sue, she's has the ability to say whatever is on her mind and it just happens to be witty and mean. Coach Tanaka must have jumped off a cliff at some point or possible they forgot he was a character and wrote him out.

A whole episode tribute to the The Rocky Horror Picture Show will also be making my sad little existence complete. Barry Bostwick and Meatloaf also will be guest starring! "Touch A, Touch A, Touch Me will be sung by Emma (Jayma Mays). Who knows what could happen?! It will be great!

With a musically driven televison show, usually comes, well music. This season will be having a whole episode devoted to the brilliant Brittany Spears, who will also be guest starring! Hoping for a little "Hit Me Baby One More Time" personally. Finn will be covering REMs "Losing My Religion". Sunshine will be singing "Listen" from Dreamgirls. Lady Gaga's "Telephone" will be duetted by Sunshine and Rachel. The Glee Club will be covering Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind". Travis McCoy's "Billionaire", Poison's "Every Rose Has Its Thorn", and "What I Did For Love" from A Chorus Line are just some of the songs that they will be singing also this season.

I do have some issues with the adding and expanding of certain characters and that is that Glee has not quite found a way to balance having such a large cast. Some characters don't even make it into some episodes. Its very disappointing when your favorite characters are just set furniture. Glee, you worry me sometimes but I look forward to another bright shiny season of singing and fun!