Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blizzard's Starcraft 2 Lands In Stores

In March 31st of 1998 Blizzard Entertainment released one of the greatest Real-Time Strategy games of all-time down upon us Starcraft. With its amazing single player storyline and well rounded units and multi-player fun it has kept players around the world entertained for over a decade. Even the release of the expansion Brood Wars was not enough to satisfy me and the rest of the rabid gaming populace.

Now today July 27th, 2010 it has finally happened, a sequel has finally become a reality for Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty has come! My life will drain away and be stolen away a little more by Blizzard. At least till Diablo 3. Starting off years after the expansion Brood Wars left off, players will continue the story of the Terran, Jim Raynor. And maybe I'll find out what mischief my Queen, Kerrigan has been up too. On top of that the former multi-player RTS has been only made even awesome R.

This is the first of three Starcraft 2 games. Well multi player includes all three races fully playable, the Terrans are the only single player race available in Wings of Liberty. The next two will feature the Protoss and Zerg respectively. Stay tuned for info on the upcoming expansions. So now that I have wasted your time go play Starcraft 2 right now!

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