Sunday, July 25, 2010

Box Office Results for July 23-25th

Thank god some movie goers are smart and the movie that deserves to be top is still king! "Inception" was number one over Angelina Jolie's new film "Salt".I have no interest in seeing a movie just because of an actor or in this case actress in it. Another thing "Salt" don't show me the whole movie in your trailer! If any movie this summer deserves to watched it's "Inception". Here are the results of the top ten movies:

1. Inception -                                      $43.5 Million
2. Salt -                                             $36.5 Million
3. Despicable Me -                             $24.1 Million
4. The Sorcerer's Apprentice -             $9.6 Million
5. Toy Story 3 -                                  $9.0 Million
6. Ramona and Beezus -                     $8.0 Million
7. Grown Ups -                                   $7.6 Million
8. Twilight: Eclipse -                            $7.0 Million
9. The Last Airbender -                        $4.1 Million
10. Predators -                                    $2.8 Million

If anyone didn't see Inception, I am down for another trip to the movies :)

Poor Predators not getting respect for being a fun film :(

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