Sunday, September 26, 2010

Comic Review: Morning Glories #1 - Image Comics

Morning Glories #1
Image Comics - Shadowline Productions
Writer: Nick Spencer
Art: Joe Eisma
Colors: Alex Sollazzo
Lettering: Johnny Lowe
Design: Tim Daniel
Cover: Rodin Esquejo

This is my first comic book review and for such I decided I'd begin with a comic that is new and not in the middle of a ridiculous crossover of some sort. And with that I choose Morning Glories from Image Comics. I won't lie but when I saw the solicitation for Morning Glories # 1 in the my Preview Guide, I saw girls in schoolgirls outfits on the cover and was sold. So sue me, I'm very easy to sell stuff too. Of course I forgot to put it on my pull list but managed to grab a second print.

Morning Glories starts out in the prestigious Morning Glory Academy and the attempted escape of two of its students. I don't want to spoil things so I'll leave the outcome of said students to your future reading of this comic. Lets just say its not good and leaves you wondering what the hell kinda shady things go on in this facility. I gotta leave some mysteries for you!

After this we meet each of the six main character, getting to know a little about them and there lives and personalities. Casey, a cute blonde with a loving family. Ike, a spoiled rich kid and his mother who doesn't agree with some of the sick things he has done. Zoe, nicest word I can think of, slut, saying goodbye to her five different boyfriends. Hunter, a nice kid saying bye to his stepbrother. Jane or Jade as she now goes by with her emo-ness, her brother and father seem almost scared of her and her differentness. And finally Jun Fukayama from Tokyo who has a lot of questions and finds his ride to the academy just a bit "sleepy".

When Casey arrives at the school she meets the Miss Daramount, the Faculty Liaison, who takes her to meet the rest of her new classmates. They are all watching a welcome video with Miss Dagney, the Residence Director. A welcome video that apparently Tyler Durgen got a hold of. Everyone who works at this academy seems to be up to something, just something is not right the more you read on. The teachers and students all seem to be whacked out and sinister in someway.

Each character comes from a different background and has different personalities but all have something linking them together. You find one of those things, but what does it all mean?! You get a sense that something very evil is happening at this so called "Academy" and that these kids are in a load of trouble.

By the end of the issue you will want to know what happens next that is for sure! Luckily I have issue two sitting right next to me. There is a lot of info to take in and a lot of mysteries started that I now need to know the answers too. Nick Spencer's writing is an enjoyable of pace and Joe Eisma's artwork is excellent and both mesh well together. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a well written new series that is engrossing and a fun read full of mysteries and excitement. I'm hooked!

This is yet more proof that there are good comics are out there that don't involve just superheroes. Give it a try you will enjoy! And any folks who know me, I go to Books Galore in Erie at least a couple times a month, I can always get you copies! Just ask  :)  

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