Friday, September 24, 2010

Spider Man: Shattered Dimensions Review

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is by far the best Spider-Man game I have played in years. It perfectly captures the heart of the Spider-Man comics and translates it to game form. You star not only as Spider-Man, but four different Spider-Men! This game managed to create essentially four different Spider-Man games that are all awesome on their own. 

You play as the Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Man Noir, and Ultimate Spider-Man (Black Suit). Mysterio well robbing a museum breaks an ancient tablet, the tablet gets scattered through out the Marvel multiverse. Madam Web enlists the Spider-Man of each dimension to help recovery the fragments which have ended up in the hands of a assortment of different Spider-Man Villains. 

The games graphics are done in a cartoony cell shade effect that really works well with the game. 

Each level and Spider-Man has its own unique flavor and style. Each level has a boss who has gotten hold of the fragment which you need to defeat. The powers of each villain have been greatly increased and leads to some unique and fun boss fights. The banter from the Spider-Men is hilarious and will amuse you greatly. The Deadpool level is by far my favorite. In the Ultimate Universe, Deadpool is a reality show host who never shuts up. Its great!

The only factor I can see some people not liking is that it is not an open world Spider-Man game. No swinging around New York City. You pretty much have a set path and challenges. I personally don't care either way. Sometimes I don't like getting sidetracked in an adventure!

The Amazing Spider Man levels are the normal Spidey levels you would expect in any Spider-Man game. Spider-Man Noir is a black and white world filled with gangsters and stealth taking part in most of the levels. Spider Man 2099 is a bright colorful world that is filled with giant corporations and he has the ability to slow down time. And Ultimate Spider-Man is just like the Amazing levels but you have the black Venom suit and a rage power making you stronger for a period of time.  

Throughout the levels you collect hidden Spidey emblems and hidden Golden Spiders that give you points to spend on new abilites and character upgrades. Fighting moves and character upgrades are shared by all four Spider-Man. Except ones that are for specific Spideys. Each level has a set of challenges that grant extra points and gives you something extra to shoot for. There are also special Spider-Man suits to open that are fun to collect.

The last couple of Spider-Man games have not been the greatest of games so it is such a nice change of pace to enjoy this one so much. Not only did they make one awesome Spider-Man game they managed to make four Spider-Man games in one. As a lover of comic books it was quite a pleasant surprise that this game turns out so well. Their are some issues with the controls from time to time and the game is not very long, clocking in at about 15 hours on hard mode. But even after I was finished I still found myself going back and collecting what I missed my first time through. I highly recommend this game to any Spider-Man or Marvel Comics fan and anyone looking for a fun time.   

I played through the X Box 360 version in case you were wondering.

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  1. I know the game got plenty of good reviews. I will have to try it out eventually but for right now I have to wait til I have power so I might be able to play Halo :(