Friday, September 17, 2010

Fox's Glee Season 2 Preview and Spoilers!!!

Yes, folks that wonderful time of year is almost upon us, Fall Television Super Happy Fun Time! And with that a slew of awesome new television programming to fill our short lifespans on this Earth and make us better at useless TV trivia. One of my favorite shows of last season, Glee is finally back on September 21! If for some reason you had a lack in good television programming choosings last year, Glee, Season One was just released on Tuesday so go snatch it up and marathon it up before this coming Tuesday! And yes, I am a Gleek and proud of it! People who know me would not be surprised. Now let my slew of info fry your Gleek loving world!

Before I forget, I was at the movies this evening to watch The Town and caught a funny commercial starring my favorite Sue! It was too funny! I don't want to ruin it so go check it out at AE Members Project. And yes Mommy, you are my favorite real life Sue. Also, apparently Sue Sylvester will be writing her memoirs and doing an actually book tour! Yeah, really! I am so freaking there!

With a new season of Glee comes a whole host of new faces. John Stamos, yes of Full House fame will be appearing as Emma's dentist boyfriend starting in episode duce. He will be the cause of the Brittney Spears shenanigan, what a bad dentist! Singer Charice Pempengco will be giving Rachel a run for her money as the new foregin exchange student Sunshine. Javier Bardem will be appearing as a mystery person, or maybe a killer in a whole outfit made of blue jeans. Susan Boyle will appear in the Christmas episode. Carol Burnett will play Sue Sylvester's Nazi hunting mom! How freaking funny is that? I really can't wait for that. Cheyenne Jackson of Broadway and for me 30 Rock, will be the new coach of Vocal Adrenaline with the leaving of Rachel's Mom. Wow, that's not even all the guest stars, gonna be ridiculous!

First off my favorite character is getting her own episode and a bigger part in the Glee Universe, Ms. Heather Morris who plays cheerleader Brittany! Congrats to her! Hopefully she will be dishing out her wonderfully wisdom all season long. Mike Chang, played by Harry Shum Jr. will also have a increased role in the show. For those who don't know Mr. Chang, he was the break dancing Asian kid in Glee club and on the football team who nobody knew his name.  

Rachel and Finn will be getting back together in season 2, which I guess was eventually going to happen again. I personally don't have a care which way. Rachel can be too much of a drama queen. And I'm not quite sure if Finn is supposed to be a dumb jock or what. Sperm swimming in a hot tub can get girls pregnant? Come on! I just hope the show is a little more solid with romances than it was in the second half of the first season. I felt like characters were left out, storylines were rushed, it started to border on ridiculous. Some were just plan forgotten. Sorry, Rant!

Quinn will be returning to the Cheerios, which means no baby nonsense, at least not yet. Puck has lost his magic mohawk powers. Kurt will be getting a boyfriend at some point. Hopefully everyone gets there fair share of screen time.

So apparently Sue Sylvester will have a new enemy besides Glee teacher Will. Dot Marie Jones will be joining the cast as McKinley High's new female football coach. Will Sue have a enough "bitch" to fight them both?! Probably! I love Sue, she's has the ability to say whatever is on her mind and it just happens to be witty and mean. Coach Tanaka must have jumped off a cliff at some point or possible they forgot he was a character and wrote him out.

A whole episode tribute to the The Rocky Horror Picture Show will also be making my sad little existence complete. Barry Bostwick and Meatloaf also will be guest starring! "Touch A, Touch A, Touch Me will be sung by Emma (Jayma Mays). Who knows what could happen?! It will be great!

With a musically driven televison show, usually comes, well music. This season will be having a whole episode devoted to the brilliant Brittany Spears, who will also be guest starring! Hoping for a little "Hit Me Baby One More Time" personally. Finn will be covering REMs "Losing My Religion". Sunshine will be singing "Listen" from Dreamgirls. Lady Gaga's "Telephone" will be duetted by Sunshine and Rachel. The Glee Club will be covering Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind". Travis McCoy's "Billionaire", Poison's "Every Rose Has Its Thorn", and "What I Did For Love" from A Chorus Line are just some of the songs that they will be singing also this season.

I do have some issues with the adding and expanding of certain characters and that is that Glee has not quite found a way to balance having such a large cast. Some characters don't even make it into some episodes. Its very disappointing when your favorite characters are just set furniture. Glee, you worry me sometimes but I look forward to another bright shiny season of singing and fun!

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