Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Glee, Season 2, Episode 2, "Britney/Brittany" Review

If you could not tell by the name of the episode, it is about and features the music of two of my favorite Britney/Brittany's. I love Heather Morris's character Brittany Susan Pierce! I believe I have stated this before. She makes me laugh every episode and has most of the best lines on the show. I am just a tad bit biased. I was a bit worried that too much Brittany may cause her to be annoying, but after watching the episode I think I could watch a spin-off of just her. Well, that may be overkill.

This episode is of course revolving around the wonderful pop artist, Britney Spears, much like last season's Madonna themed show. The episode does not disappoint at all! Glee teacher Will Schuester begins class wanting the group to learn about the music of Christopher Guess. The kids have become bored with his horrible music choices and want to do a song by Britney Spears for their homecoming assembly. Will hates Spears music and wants nothing to do with it. Both on the show and in real life.

The show also features the return of Emma Pillsbury, Will's love interest who was missing in the season premiere. As rumored last season she has brought along with her, her new boyfriend, dentist Dr. Carl Howell, played by John Stamos. Carl and Will meet and as boys do, act friendly to one another, ending with Dr. Howell being invited to talk about good dental health care with the Glee Club.

Dr. Howell brings along some dental plaque test strips that show how clean your teeth are by showing a blue tint on one's teeth and some people have not been taking care of their chompers. Especially Brittany who "uses soda to rinse her teeth after every meal." So begins the students stopping one by one at Dr. Howell's office.

Brittany is the first to go under with a record breaking amount of work needing done, and just before she falls asleep from the anesthesia, Britney Spears comes on Pandora. Brittany performs "I'm a Slave 4 U". The next day she returns with Santana and performs a duet of "Me Against The Music, Featuring Madonna". After her Spears induced hallucinations, Brittany starts to take charge of herself and become more assertive. Claiming some pretty funny things.

Rachel and Artie also go in to the dentist and have some crazy Spears dreams. Rachel performing "Hit Me Baby One More Time", which sadly I can still sing word for word and Artie, "Stronger". Both of them feel empowered and start doing what they want.

Rachel ends up dressing more provocatively, which means the Britney schoolgirl outfit look of course. That causes blogger and jerkbag, Jacob Ben Israel getting caught by Sue Sylvester masturbating to a picture of Rachel in school. Sue informs Will that Britney Spears and her music can lead to nothing but trouble and that he and the Glee clubbers best not be singing her tunes. Which of course gives Will the idea to do so.

Artie asks Coach Beiste to be on the football team again and she accepts both him and Finn. Artie as a human battering ram! It doesn't say you can't in the rules. Don't ask me, I got nothing, I am just going to sit back and watch whatever comes out of this.

Rachel goes back to her plain jane, whiny self about ten minutes later in the episode. Rachel not liking the both of them not being outcasts sets Finn up to test his loyalty by having Quinn ask him out. Finn declines Quinn's advances, passing Rachel's test. Only time poor Quinn gets to do anything all episode. She needs to find her place now that all this baby nonsense is over.

Will decides to perform "Toxic" with the Glee Club at the McKinley High homecoming assembly and we find out that apparently Britney's music can cause a sex riot! Mr. Jacob Ben Israel accidental in a crazed lust grabs a fellow male student's buttocks and starts a brawl. Sue seeing the chaos happening about her, pulls the fire alarm in the auditorium causing a stampede. A mess that ends up with her in a neck brace and threatening to sue Will for everything he owns.

Rachel ends the episode singing "The Only Exception" by Paramore dedicated to her boyfriend, Finn as an apology. How sweet? If not for the fact she doesn't trust him and I am sure this is not going to be the last time she tests him. I have become quite the Rachel basher. Love you Lea Michele!

This episodes was one of the best! It was even more witty and fun than normal. I thank Ms. Heather Morris/ Brittany for that. So far the season is going along well. I think they need to start working into longer lasting story lines soon. Other than that I am fine with the amount of humor and pacing so far. I have certain characters I like and some that annoy the living piss out of me and that is the way all shows should be. If you don't care about a character whether love or hate, it means the writers are not doing their job and you should just quit watching.

My one complaint is I wish when certain things happen in the show, for example Finn getting kicked off the football team, that the storyline would last more then one or two episodes. Sometimes the quick wrap up to problems and story lines annoys the hell outta of me. Makes it feel like it all happened for no reason at all.


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  1. I'm hoping for a Britney Glee album!! This episode was great!!