Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Glee, Season 2, Episode 3, "Grilled Cheesus"!

Can this season get any better fellow Gleeks?! Finn has so many funny lines in just the beginning of the show that I was laughing my head off before the title credit showed. This episode entitled "Grilled Cheesus" brings up the fun subject matters of religion and faith and actually made it amusing and funny, while not offending anyone. Anyone being me at least.

Beginning of the episode finds down on his luck, Finn making a grilled cheese sandwich on his George Foreman grill, only to find an image of Mr. Jesus Christ burnt into his sandwich. Not being of much faith but not wanting to be sacrilegious, he carves the sandwich in half and keeps the second half on a plate in his room. Later that night he decides to pray to his "Grilled Cheesus" for a victory in his upcoming football game. Victory! He finds that his prayers have come true. Praise the Grilled Cheesus!

Finn brings his newfound faith to Glee Club, wanting to sing praise Jesus in song! This splits the Glee club in  two different fronts of Yea and Nay for the religious jam session. Puck grabs a guitar and plays Billy Joel's " Only The Good Die Young", which is quite a catchy tune as it still is lingering in my head.

Meanwhile, Kurt has an argument with his father, Burt, about what is more important, the wants of a teenager or family. Television staple, Burt ends up having a heart attack that leaves him in a coma, leaving Kurt devastated. That's what happens when you fight with people! Haven't they watched TV?!

The Glee club tries to comfort Kurt with their prayers and songs. Rachel and the kids sing "Papa Can't You Hear Me" from Yentl while praying at Burt's bedside. Kurt is an atheist and doesn't believe in God and lashes out at them. Mercedes sings Whitney Houston's "I Look To You" also. I must have been getting ice cream during that.

Sue Sylvester finds out the group is singing songs about God and goes to Principal Figgins about it to shut them down. She needs a student complaint and uses Kurt to do so. So far that is two episodes of the song themes not pleasing Sue this season. Maybe that is purpose this season?

Finn prays again to his Cheesus and ends up with two more of his wishes coming true. Touching of Rachel's boob. Check! Getting his position of quarterback, back. Check! New quarterback, Sam getting his shoulder knocked out of place during a game.

School counselor, Emma Pillsbury goes to Coach Sylvester to tell her how horrible she thinks it is that she used a grieving Kurt to stop the Glee kids from trying to support their friend. Sue reveals she used to believe in God and prayer, until she prayed to God to cure her sister's Down Snydrome and the way people treated her sister, and no one was listening.

Kurt's best friend Mercedes takes him to church with her. Mercedes and the church choir sing, Simon and Garfunkel's, "Bridge Over Troubled Water". Kurt loosens up to his friends and sings a song that reminds him of when his mother died and his dad held his hand at the funeral, the Beatles, "I Want To Hold Your Hand". Finn has a crisis of faith and sings R.E.M's, "Losing My Religion".

Overall, everybody ends up where they were going. As for "Jimmy" or I mean Burt's fate and Finn's fallout with religion I'll leave that for you to watch yourselves. I don't want to give you no reason to watch the episode. I realize I am rambling about plot way too much.  :)

The New Directions crew ends the episode with Joan Osborne's, "One of Us" leading us into the episode ending montage! Another great episode down.

There was a lot of big, dangerous subject matter bouncing off the walls in this episode, as everyone has their opinions about these topics and different people will see things differently. I think they approached it from an interesting angle with the sandwich and tried to fit an opinion to please everyone. It is a TV show we watch them to get away from the world.

Overall, I don't like to think much, it hurts! The episode was hilarious and had some of the best lines yet! I love you, Brittany, your so sweet! It had some good songs. I worry sometimes that Glee is going to disappointment somedays and then I watch the next episode and then realize I am full poo. Until next week, Gleeks! It's Duet time!

What did you think about the episode? Hugs!

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