Monday, October 4, 2010

What I Am Watching This Season!

I haven't been this excited about a television season since the days when both, Friends and Seinfeld were on Thursday together. Which has been a pretty long time. It has been the rare occasion when I actually got my money's worth from my satellite dish the past few years.

I decide to write this blog to give the reader an idea of what I am watching and excited about. I'd review every show I watch, but then I'd probably quit watching TV. I've been watching a slew of new programs as well as a few oldies from last season. But even with all this television watching, I realized that I only watch programs on certain days. Mainly Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

I have a show or two on those other four days, but those four days I am naming my TV Black Hole. There is nothing that excites me to keep me going through the day. Friday and Saturday there is nothing that interests me at all! I'd start Smallville or Supernatural on Friday but both are way too many seasons in for me to catch up with and I don't watch things out of order.

So I guess I will start with Sunday and go from there.


 This is a strange day, as this used to be my go to day for funny. Fox's Animation Domination block was a favorite of mine as a kid. Now I watch it mainly as filler until Dexter is on Showtime. The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad I still record and watch. I do still enjoy them. I get a lot of flak cause how much I love American Dad. It's great! Watch it a couple times and you will see what I mean, the humor is much more darker and enjoyable than the other MacFarlane comedies. Much better written than Family Guy!

 The Cleveland Show actually made me turn it to the Amazing Race for that last half hour before Dexter last night. What a terrible show! Must be MacFarlane's revenge for Fox taking Family Guy off years ago. It is crap! Third time I have tried to give it a chance.

Showtime has Dexter during the fall, right after HBO's True Blood lets out from the summer. Which works great! It's crazy how Dexter can make you sympathize with a serial killer. Such a great series!


 This used to be known as Big Bang Day by me and my friends, now not so much so! Monday is one of my four least favorite TV days. I hate you Monday!

 I do have one show I am really enjoying on Mondays and that is The Event!

The first episode started out slow, but put enough hooks in me to make me come back for another episode and the second episode did not disappoint! It has me addicted now. It is a fun sci-fi conspiracy show! I will post an article or two about it soon! If you want to talk about it with me, text or IM me!


GLEE Night! I'm a Gleek! It's my favorite musical television show! Probably cause it is the only musical TV show. Makes me smile so much! If people give it a chance, it will win them over. And if not I will force it upon them. No, sometimes means Yes.

I also really enjoy Fox's new sitcom Raising Hope! It's hilarious! It reminds me of life where I live right now. People really are like that. It also fills the gap the sudden cancellation of My Name is Earl left in my heart. Funny since it is written by same guy.

I also have been watching Running Wilde, which has its funny moments. I want for it to succeed and it be brilliant. Maybe it will turn into that genius show I want it to be in time. Parks and Recreations was horrible and never made me laugh in its first season and it turned hilarious in season 2. At least I am laughing here and there.

No Ordinary Family started last week and looks like it could be a nice replacement for the awful, Heroes. I'm a sucker for super powered hero shows.


First really busy night of television. First show is my guiltiest pleasure, the CW's, America's Next Top Model.
I started watching cause I had an interest in photography and stayed for the drama. I am not a fan of Tyra Banks, so it gives me an hour to complain about her. I have given it up for a season or two before, but always end up back. Only reality program I watch or ever will. My least favorite kinda show, so-called reality filth.

The ABC's brilliant comedy twosome, Modern Family and Cougartown! They are two of my favorite comedies! They both are just fun and entertaining. Watch them, laugh! Having fun and laughing is good!

I also am watching the lawyer drama, The Defenders. It's pretty enjoyable. I like Jerry O'Connell from his Sliders days. He and Jim Belushi are likable and work well together. I have never been a fan of lawyer shows, as I hate law and how it is just a game to lawyers, guilty or not, doesn't matter. So it is impressive feat to get me to watch a show about such.


Community and The Big Bang Theory start at 8. I hate that! Community is the superior show at the moment and not being given a chance now. Please watch them both people of Earth!

30 Rock is still great as always! One of the best on TV still after five seasons.

Shit My Dad Says, it is funny "sometimes". Mainly meaning Shatner has some funny lines every once in a while. I am not a fan of the rest of the cast, especially the old Mad TV cast playing the brother and sister in-law. I don't know why I am still watching this now that I am writing this. Don't watch this! lol.

I have watched every episode of CW's Nikita. It reminds me a lot of Dollhouse for some reason. It is a fun actiony type show. I have a special place in my heart for the original TV series that was on USA back in the day is why I originally decided to give this one a chance.

Lastly on Thursday, is FX's, It is Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The League. Sunny hasn't been able to find its magic that made it great for the last three seasons and makes me so sad. There is maybe three episodes a season that are stellar and the rest are just there for no reason.

The League is one of my favorite comedies! It is great! I am not the biggest football fan but I still find it hilarious. If you are not watching it, you may want to fix that mistake.  


Usually movie theater night for the most part. I record Star Wars: Clone Wars and Batman: Brave and the Bold on Cartoon Network. Also I am giving IFC's The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret starting David Cross a chance.


Nothing. What a sad way to end this list. Not my fault, TV's fault for sucking.

Anyhoo, that is all the shows I watch so far this season, tell me what you think. I put a picture of my favorite show above each day. What shows are you watching? Is there anything you think I may like? What am I missing out on?



  1. Sunday: I love Dexter! The cartoons...not so much. American Dad has it's moments, but it's mostly just rude. Oh wait! I watch the game on Sundays! Go Bills! <- (Someday my cheering for them while wearing my Bills jersey and Bills earrings will work!)

    Monday: The Event can go suck an egg.

    Tuesday: I'M A GLEEK!! Love the show! Own all the CD's, and a keychain, and a T-shirt. Can't wait for the Christmas album!! :) I'm enjoying Raising Hope. (I too miss Earl...they coulda let them film an episode that wouldn't end in a cliffhanger! Watch out NBC...karma will get you for cancelling!) Running Wilde is ok so far. I'm mainly watching because I like Will Arnett. (Hooray for the Arrested Developement movie in the works!) So far No Ordinary Family hasn't lost me. I like Rita (well that was her name on Dexter) much better in this series. I did not care for her character on Dexter and I must say...she's a lot prettier on this series. She looks a lot like Julie Bowen (Modern Family) at times.

    Wednesday: Love ANTM! It is a guilty pleasure! You did leave out my favorite show I noticed. SURVIVOR!! Someday I will be on that show!! :) I also love Modern Family and Cougartown. They both crack me up! You're right...laughing is great!! I'm enjoying The Defenders. I've been a fan of Jerry O'Connell since his "My Secret Identity" days. Yeah remember that one? It's ok, only my sister Sara and I do. Jerry probably even forgot it! LOL!

    Thursday: I agree with everything you said about Thursday except Nikita. I'm pretty sure it's Dollhouse + Alias + The Pretender. However I've seen all over those shows. It's been done. *Yawn*

    Friday: I don't watch anything.

    Saturday: Nothing interesting on. 2cents lasted awhile. Sorry! LOL!

  2. I apologize for forgetting one of my faves...Thursday nights I watch Project Runway! I'm pulling for Mondo this season. I like how he's not afraid of color! Gretchen can go suck an egg. She sometimes does nice stuff, but her personality is wretched! She is not perfect and it would be great if she would realize that! (I do not know what the judges saw in that mauve velvet abomination she sent down the runway!) I do think her and Mondo will be going to fashion week, but I don't know who will be taking the 3rd spot. Last year I knew early on which 3 it would be and even picked the winner! (Seth Aaron is great!!! They got that winner right!)